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A current student explains below...

Fostering faith and friendship.

Gear up in your schools colors and mascots! These nights are only offered four times during the summer, yet they offer so much insight on how to be an authentic follower of Christ during college. At our College Nights, you'll hear current and former college students speak on their faith growth through college (or even how they came to know God in the first place!), connect with peers from the same school you are going to be attending, and meet current students from those universities. You should leave the Night well-equipped with all the tools you need to maintain a strong and active faith life as you transition into college.

Each College Night begins with a panel of student speakers from universities across the country, each of whom delivers a talk about their faith journey or common struggles that Catholics often face as they try to live out their religion on college campuses. Following this, the Night's attendees split up into small group discussions for about half an hour; these are led and directed by our student volunteers. Then we break for a (FREE!) pizza dinner, and you are given an opportunity to mingle on your own, or independently ask our volunteers questions about some of the things you heard that evening. After dinner, our annual scholarship winners are announced, you are given your Bosco Bundles (each of which costs $100 but are given to you free of charge), and group pictures are taken.

We are confident that your experience at a College Night will give you the tools and inspiration necessary to be a strong Catholic as you head off to college in the fall!

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